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Woodland Native Art

norval morrisseau the great flood


Woodland Native Art is an art movement founded by Norval Morrisseau in the 1950's, creating a whole new and very unique art form based upon ancient rock paintings and the secret Midewiwin scrolls that told the sacred legends of the indigenous native people. Morrisseau set out to reclaim what he could for future generations by creating paintings in a never before seen style, passing on shamanistic wisdom, stories and teachings through this new art form. Morrisseau broke the taboo for employing sacred imagery in works intended for a non-native audience and took the world by storm. Many followed, and this continues to evolve, reflecting the societal change North American indigenous people are going through. The meanings behind the artworks teach and delight. We feature artists such as Norval Morrisseau, his youngest son Christian (Chimo), Ahmoo Angeconeb, Roy Thomas, Carl Ray, Gelineau Fisher, Mike Peters, Morley Kakepetum, Lloyd Kakepetum, Doug Kakekagumick, Noah Sanniwap, Ringo Fidler, Barry Peters, James Simon Mishibinijima, Don Ningewance, and many more - our inventory is always changing so sign up for our notifications of new arrivals or check back often.

Float Planes

DeHavilland Beaver DHC-2 about to touch down

DeHavilland Beaver DHC-2 about to touch down



Floatplanes are often called the "pickup truck of the northern air" as they were often the only way to access remote areas, and their heavy use continues to this day.  They exemplify the ruggedness of this vast wilderness north of Lake Superior, and the independence and adventure of the land and water and the people that travel and live in this region. I grew up beside the chief pilot for the fleet of three aircraft that great Lakes Paper owned, and spent masny a day in their hanger, where my love and admiration first began for these winged wonders. In my previous 15 year commercial lending career at various banks I specialized, among other things, in financing the bush planes and fly in fishing and hunting resorts across northwestern Ontario. Well still not a pilot, my love of these beasts has never stopped - and I can't but promote the art featuring these iconic and historical aviation machines. There is just something special about them, and funny enough all the artists here are also pilots! If you have ever flown in one of these planes, you know how special and thrilling these aircraft are. No runways with fire trucks and ambulances around when you land in one of these on some remote northern lake with floats or skiis! Enjoythe works of Ian Beatty, Rob Marsh, Steve Daly, Cher Hogan-Prus, Jeff Holmlund and more.


limited edition print of the old historic Port Arthur Duluth & Western Railway




It wasn't until the early 1960's that Highway 17 from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay, Ontario, along the northern "coast" of Lake Superior, was completed. This vast area of northern Ontario, 1.15 times bigger than Texas with less than 2.7% of Texas's population, features rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield, tens of thousands of lakes (approximately 250,000!), one of the planet's biggest forests, and the world's largest fresh water lake by area, Lake Superior. No concrete jungles up here. Our landscape section features paintings, prints and photography of this special area - once you visit it, you will never forget it. The subject matter reflects man's struggle to co-exist and thrive in such areas in the presence of such powerful natural forces. From the shores of Lake Superior, to the famed Sleeping Giant Nanabijou, Kakabeka Falls and beyond, no one here ever tires of the views. We hope you enjoy them too, what better way to preserve a memory than add a great piece of art to your wall ..... just saying.


red fox Mount Josephine Witching Tree trail Mn




Common sightings of moose, black bear, deer, foxes, partridge (ruffed grouse), loons, porcupines, Canadian geese and ducks, are usual to those who live in this Canadian Shield landscape, with lesser sightings of wolves, otters, and the like, with very elusive wolverine, ermines and the like are occasionally seen by those who spend lots and lots of time in the wilderness. Our site loves them captured - with a camera, a paintbrush, a legend or an artist's creativity.





We are big fans of photography, and produce the images you see here on our wide format printer (12 color, 44" wide Canon ipf8400) using Breathing Color's award winning archival products. While some of the images may be repeated in our other sections, while others are only found here, we are sure you will agree there's no problem in showing them again! Affordable for any wall, customizable for different sizes and materials to enhance that space on your wall .... give it some thought. Enjoy.


The Morrisseau Papers - front cover


Books, on Norval Morrisseau, Roy Thomas and the other Woodland Native Artists, books by regional authors about the area, history and lives, from the pioneers to the modern day, books on travelling in the area ... we love books, and hope you do too. Psst, they make great gifts as well (hint, hint).